Lol 😂 Kenyans can be so brainless sometimes am sorry if youre offended, am not here to be politically correct or to choose sides, or try to sound civil and reasonable because clearly we are not logical creatures at all. Am going to state facts about whats happening in the political scene in Kenya as we approach elections but people are obviously overlooking.

So we have two political parties both are alliances and we have 8 sorry 2 presidential aspirants 😂, that’s what you want to believe. One of them is too selfish to let anyone else be the flag bearer even though they have higher chances of winning if he doesn’t vie and lends his support to a more welcoming candidate, while the other has eaten from a silver spoon all his life heck probably from a diamond spoon.

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So the latter doesnt really understand what it is being poor apart from its just a vocabulary which I doubt exists in his dictionary parked in the shelves in the huge library where they collect dust. He strongly believes that poor people are probably living that life because they want to and they can better themselves if they went to an international school and went abroad to study political science and came and run for presidency and made sure they sired sons who would come and continue with their regime and accumulate wealth from their six figure salaries enough to buy them choppers and country homes, easy right☺?

While the other guy, tasted power once and still believes he was almost becoming the president and is probably being driven and fueled by that thought and ends up making a mistake that might cost them. Ok let’s leave this guys out of the loop for awhile. So we have someone like Abduba Dida a former high school teacher who wanted to run for presidency in 2013 we all laughed, because? He is a teacher? He is not known? Or is it because he hasn’t tasted the oplunet lifestyle like most Kenyans. So this guy an intellectual I can say had written 15 lectures and studied why it’s difficult for man to do the right thing .

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Someone who garnered 52,848 votes and defeated the likes of Martha Karua(43,881), James Ole Kiyapi(40,998) and Paul Muite (12,580). Its sickening to call yourself a democratic country yet power is clearly being passed from one family to the other and from father to son. We would rather call it a monarchy not because this families are grooming their sons and daughters into power, no, it’s because Kenyans have come to believe that this families deserve the power to run this country even when they show lack of soberness(literally) and . 

If the winning candidate happens to have another blessing come into the world during his time in power the small human being probably has higher chances of winning the elections than a competent intellectual with a vision for the country. Politicians are building castles in the sky with their lies without batting an eye and Kenyans are buying and renting rooms in this castles, although they haven’t moved into the palace nor have they lived there. They pay taxes although they don’t get to see the returns. That’s insanity.

But the most annoying thing ever is how multi-million dollar projects (which are overpriced by the way), dont get to see the light of day. This projects look good in theory and on paper but at a logical stand point aren’t really relevant to the country’s development. Why? Because why would you want to give laptops to young school going kids whose teachers are computer illetrate, whose classes aren’t really ‘classes’ but benches under trees or buildings that leak. When the quality of education is impeccable but yet isnt available to everyone even after promising free education almost 5 years ago.

What’s more maddening is a country which is soo fertile and capable of producing more than just 2 cash crops and enough food crops for export, isnt doing that. Large tracts of ariable land is available to only the elite a small fraction of the population who only put up fences and don’t plant or use the land for any societal benefits. The same group is also allowed to import cheap consumables(which rake them millions in profits) which lower the prices of the ones grown by farmers in the country, and the profits for farmers are minimal barely sustainable making farmers abandon their practices and opt for other ways of making income.

 Stop promising road networks, electricity connection and laptops when the kids in the rural parts of the country could benefit from better education, food security, internal security and healthcare, but how will they do this if we don’t pay doctors and threaten them by offering expatriates jobs.

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Majority of people are voting for leaders we don’t deserve not on merit but how many cars does he drive or how big is his house or how many bespoke suits does he own. Really???? We have people like Boniface Mwangi who if not for his popularity that he gained from defending and fighting for whats right for the country by being vocal to a point he cries on national television for this country, for OUR country we would not have considered him as a viable candidate for starehe MP because of his opponents  who drive flashy cars, put on chains or is it because they don’t openly ask for campaign funds, yet their source of wealth is questionable. I wonder why he is still campaigning and why some people still need to be convinced he is worth being more than just a member of parliament, is it because people are selling their votes for a mere ksh 100 at the expense of their future and their children’s future? That people like Boniface have to campaign, when his actions have spoken louder than any amount of money.

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When will we stop being flattered by irrelevance and flamboyance. You live in a country where the roads are beautiful, access to electricity is at 60% supposedly, tablets and laptops are being issued to class ones yet the unemployment levels are staggering, theirs poor healthcare, food insecurity, corruption is being practised openly and small time thieves are being jailed while the ones involved in billion shilling dealings are occupying public offices and the ones heading the electoral body are siding with one political party hoping they’ll retain that seat. We have ass-kissing grown ups acting like puppets and mindless zombies, where is the lie? 

A country whose ‘development‘ is almost always gauged by beautifully taken pictures of the roads built and SGR( a very supportive infrastructure btw, can’t complain). Every time you hear or see about development in the newspaper or on T.V pictures like this come up. Sindio?😂

Are we really going to gauge the development of our country on beautiful pictures. The human development index is a measure of development in countries which focuses on key dimensions such as:

  1. Life expectancy and infant mortality rate.
  2. Education.
  3. Proximity to basic human amenities(water , food and healthcare).

So everytime a new project is brought up ask yourself how relevant is it to our countries development and how will it achieve it and are there other more effective yet affordable measures we can take instead. 

I haven’t blamed the government nor have I blamed any political leader because honestly, the problems the country is facing all originate from us . We as citizens have the power to decide and I would urge everyone to read the other aspirants manifestos and watch their interviews, their promises aren’t over exergarated because they live among the people not in fortresses guarded from disease, poverty and yourself until the next time they need you. They see the important things like healthcare, education, agriculture, peace and the country’s potential and only through this will we achieve much more than we can imagine but we need a catalyst, the right people in power to effect change.

‘The opinions expressed here are only mine and nobody is obligated to take them to heart, but this is what I believe in and it has not been influenced by anyone.”-geofrey ruto


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