If you had me speak of religion, Christianity to be specific, you would confuse me for an aethist. We’ll am just agnostic, confused maybe, some would call me a sceptic. I don’t identify myself with any specific religion and I try to distance myself with Christianity as much as possible, it probably hosts the most hypocritical and most morally corrupt individuals in our society.
I call it a mask of wrong doing (Christianity)

Quoting Plato “He was a wise man who invented God”.

So before colonisation of African countries our ancestors worshipped God by facing the mountains, the sun or praying under trees, everyone knows this. Europeans came took over and assimilated Africans by teaching them their ways, their language and eventually their idea of a man in the sky who knows everything, who is omnipotent and is everywhere. They made worshiping under trees or facing mountains look primitive. They planted an idea and erased a culture.

  • So do we worship God because we were colonized or is it because he exists?Are we the ones who create idols and gods according to our beliefs and what we want others to believe? 
  • How many people have been born Christians but aren’t really Christians in their actions?

Am not saying I don’t believe in the existence of a superhuman being by the name God, I admit I don’t know if he does exist and that’s where faith comes in, believe me I wouldn’t want to burn in hell for eternity because of blasphemy. All am saying is we defended labels given to us without questioning their validity, wars have been fought to defend this labels. Humans have shed red blood, not white or blue because of their different beliefs. It only goes to show we think religion is bigger than us(humans), would a God who created you and me want you to kill me because I am ignorant in your faith? I was born a Christian and that’s why I go to church, I have muslim friends who went to Madrasa because they were born of Muslim parents. 

I believe that youre your own ‘god’ you don’t have to associate with any specific religion. I also dont want to believe that if someone lived as a saint, lived their lives to their full potential and did right by others but dint have a religion they associated themselves with that they would burn in hell and not go to paradise or heaven.

So churches are turning over billions of shillings in offering and tithes yearly in Kenya. A third world country, where pastors preach hopes of a better tommorow and a wealthy future if only you give to the church with an open heart (translating to empty your wallets). Sermons like this are very popular that God’s blessings will follow if you give generously. Religion is a home of the masses its associated with the poor, the hopeless and with the dying, basically the desperate.

More churches are coming up than orphanages, schools for the less fortunate, charity organizations and ideas to help the less privileged. 

Matthew 18:20-25New International Version (NIV)

20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

So a church is a group of believers not a fancy building where sermons are held every sunday, money being raised as offerings is being used to expand buildings in the name of churches, pastors are driving lavish cars and living lives of opulence. A life of luxury isn’t a sin. But the money could be used to take care of opharns, build schools, get children off the streets, educate children from the same, cushion some people from poverty, invest in ideas of the youth to better the community, the list is endless. Because the church is in the people and the more lives you touch the more people believe in your idea of a God and in Christianity, the more people want to associate with your religion and its beliefs. That’s how you grow a church, by growing people’s faith. People like me who doubt your motives and others who probably have suffered so much that they doubt the existence of a God, because where is he then? By helping this people you reassure them and you give them hope the gospel won’t be what you’ll be reading from the Bible after you’ve fed them, clothed them and provided them with shelter, it will be those actions, that will be the truth, the light and gospel to them. That’s how you build a CHURCH loyal to one God.

Spreading the gospel according to the holy book is spreading love, by touching people’s lives they speak about it and don’t forget, and that’s how you spread the word and build a CHURCH thats what a church is. Pastors and religious leaders should realise they should act as servants, its not easy and its not for everyone. As I type this I have come to understand that its about service to humanity.

HOW ARE YOU ‘god’¿¿¿¿

  •  You can live a righteous life without having to subscribe to a religion.
  • You can create your own idea of a religion and create your own values. That’s why we have ‘Christians’ stealing and lying because they are labelled as Christians but they aren’t Christians in value, if they really believed they are Christians and in its beliefs they wouldn’t be doing any of that. So they are living a different religion that isn’t Christianity.
  • You have the choice of FREEWILL thats the embodiment of freedom, its the ability for humans to be aware of the impact their decisons can have. The fact that you can make decisions for yourself means you can change the way you live your life everyday, that you can change labels and you can be a student today and a teacher tommorow. You can decide whether to live or not to right now. You can decide to eat or not.You can decide how you live your life and nobody can stop you.Thats powerful.
  • You can create an idea and have other people believe in it, have followers/disciples. You might be suprised how many people you share the same opinions and ideas with.

I believe we shouldn’t live upto labels we haven’t earned, especially the ones society gives us. Just because youre smart doesnt mean you are a doctor, just because youre born of Muslim parents doesnt mean you cant convert to Christianity because you believe in their beliefs and what it stands for or vice versa.

People don’t realise they are living different religions that they have made up with their own values. Because if you lie, steal, drink, if youre immoral you can’t say you’re a Christian thats something different all together, that’s a different religion thats your own religion. So why don’t we choose the best values and choices and live our lives in the best ways we can.

”This is my simple Religion. Their is no need for Temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple. The philosophy is kindness.” -Dalai Lama


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