This is my second blog post and it will be very blunt and straight to the point. The heading says it all and if you’re reading this and you’re above 25 years you’re probably too late. Our generation of young minds and pseudo-intellectuals with exposure to all kinds of information unlike the older wiser generations before us, but with the least knowledge of personal finance and the ‘how to make money’ kind of mentality. Everyone knows how to show up for a party, how to get into her panties by taking her on date after date, every girl knows the latest fashion trend and the best kind of expensive make up, but nobody really knows how to acquire currency.

Spend, spend, spend is all everyone knows. Making money for guys below 25 seems like a huge deal, because most people are relying on their parents or whoever. Nobody finds that embarrassing nowadays, someone wouldn’t be caught dead working at a fast food or as an uber driver. 1st world countries encourage teenagers and younger adults to find jobs or work at home, get chores done and get paid allowances. This encourages innovation (since anyone would want to get the chores done as soon as possible by doing it the easiest way they can) and builds an almost perfect generation who go after what they want and are not afraid to work for it. The U.S. education system is more mediocre compared to the rest of the world, but they still produce more billionaires, they are better at innovating, they come up with better ideas for everything and all this isn’t learnt in school, most of this requires creative thinking and much more than just books but countries like Kenya and other countries lagging behind in development don’t encourage talent or creative thinking but worship education and traditional courses(engineering, medicine e.t.c) but that’s a post for another day.

My point here is that you’re living in a country where your creativity isn’t required nor is your amazing talent, you’re required to go to school and get a job, OK pause, think about it, what are you currently pursuing, is it a course grooming you to create employment or are you another potential employee that the system is about to spill out there with no real world experience, you’re just a few years from getting employed that’s if you will be considering Kenyan unemployment rate has hit an all time high of 39%, highest in the region, lol am laughing and crying at the same time. Am not against education but lack of education on real life experiences and making money is what am against.

Recently I had 5 investors putting money in a long-term project I am working on and they receive returns on their investment 3 times a month. One of the investors is a white collar worker in his late 20s, he was sceptical and we had to draft a contract before we could work on it, its funny how someone who isn’t sure if he’ll have his job tomorrow or not is afraid of loosing money, anyway one month down the line this guy is wishing he knew more about the Forex market, shares, bonds and believing in himself by going through with the plans he had in mind 3 years ago.

Most boys are taking girls out with money borrowed from their parents without shame, i cant find myself doing that, that’s because I have a well functioning brain that belongs to a young adult who is able, if that triggered you and think otherwise well its fine we all have our opinions. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel am sure you can spot a viable business that’s not doing well and put your all into it. Most people are afraid of risking their money and forget that its their time that’s more precious. Instead of clubbing why don’t you build one, instead of rapping to your friends and yourself, sell your talent to people ready to appreciate your art, if you’re an artist sell your paintings and art work and don’t settle for anything less.

I had a realisation that if you did what you did best and worked smart and hard enough you could turn it into a profitable business. We have age mates around the world who are making crazy money while most of us arent because we are too embarrassed to try and fail since we care about what others think. If everyone isn’t trying because they care that only means two things :

  1. We are too dumb to come up with ways to do so.
  2. We are already failing by not trying.

Get thinking of ways you can make money even if its charging your parents to drive them or wash their cars. The whole idea is to be smart with money, understanding its value and learning how to make it serve you. Learning that every single shilling you have is worth as an asset than saving it isn’t something most people are familiar with. Read books( 4 hour work week, Richest man in Babylon, Think and grow rich) they will give you a head-start and a different perspective of how money works.

am not a professional on this matter but seeing people going broke and spending more than they are making for show isn’t amusing i’ll share the little that I know and hope it helps someone cheers -geofrey ruto



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