Walk aware, wow what a name trust me I took a lot of time working on this, NOT. Anyway I took approximately 10 minutes max to create this blog and the name, well it took me less than a minute since WordPress suggested it, talk about technology advancement.1460563163198When this title came up as one of the suggested names I dint think twice about using it for my blog and the reason I find it so intriguing is because most people walk around unconscious of whats happening around them in different aspects of  their current Lives and many people are guilty for this. I believe we should always know whats happening in local & International politics, sports, Tech and everything their is to know, get familiar!!!!

You’re probably wondering what this blog is going to be about, well I have opinions on everything from business to technology, innovation, education, religion, society and so on and so forth  most of which are very controversial and might get tongues wagging, lots of whispers and feelings hurt (: . I have always wanted to share this with anyone willing to listen maybe to spark a debate or conversation if they agree with me. Not many people especially young guys are into those kind of topics i’ll be discussing although they affect their livelihoods either directly or indirectly. If you’re thinking maybe because its boring, well then you’re wrong, give me time to prove you wrong.

I hope the posts i’ll be putting up will inspire, stir up debate, make you aware, will act as a thought catalyst to challenge your way of thinking creating engagement -geofrey ruto


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