Lol 😂 Kenyans can be so brainless sometimes am sorry if youre offended, am not here to be politically correct or to choose sides, or try to sound civil and reasonable because clearly we are not logical creatures at all. Am going to state facts about whats happening in the political scene in Kenya as we approach elections but people are obviously overlooking.

So we have two political parties both are alliances and we have 8 sorry 2 presidential aspirants 😂, that’s what you want to believe. One of them is too selfish to let anyone else be the flag bearer even though they have higher chances of winning if he doesn’t vie and lends his support to a more welcoming candidate, while the other has eaten from a silver spoon all his life heck probably from a diamond spoon.

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So the latter doesnt really understand what it is being poor apart from its just a vocabulary which I doubt exists in his dictionary parked in the shelves in the huge library where they collect dust. He strongly believes that poor people are probably living that life because they want to and they can better themselves if they went to an international school and went abroad to study political science and came and run for presidency and made sure they sired sons who would come and continue with their regime and accumulate wealth from their six figure salaries enough to buy them choppers and country homes, easy right☺?

While the other guy, tasted power once and still believes he was almost becoming the president and is probably being driven and fueled by that thought and ends up making a mistake that might cost them. Ok let’s leave this guys out of the loop for awhile. So we have someone like Abduba Dida a former high school teacher who wanted to run for presidency in 2013 we all laughed, because? He is a teacher? He is not known? Or is it because he hasn’t tasted the oplunet lifestyle like most Kenyans. So this guy an intellectual I can say had written 15 lectures and studied why it’s difficult for man to do the right thing .

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Someone who garnered 52,848 votes and defeated the likes of Martha Karua(43,881), James Ole Kiyapi(40,998) and Paul Muite (12,580). Its sickening to call yourself a democratic country yet power is clearly being passed from one family to the other and from father to son. We would rather call it a monarchy not because this families are grooming their sons and daughters into power, no, it’s because Kenyans have come to believe that this families deserve the power to run this country even when they show lack of soberness(literally) and . 

If the winning candidate happens to have another blessing come into the world during his time in power the small human being probably has higher chances of winning the elections than a competent intellectual with a vision for the country. Politicians are building castles in the sky with their lies without batting an eye and Kenyans are buying and renting rooms in this castles, although they haven’t moved into the palace nor have they lived there. They pay taxes although they don’t get to see the returns. That’s insanity.

But the most annoying thing ever is how multi-million dollar projects (which are overpriced by the way), dont get to see the light of day. This projects look good in theory and on paper but at a logical stand point aren’t really relevant to the country’s development. Why? Because why would you want to give laptops to young school going kids whose teachers are computer illetrate, whose classes aren’t really ‘classes’ but benches under trees or buildings that leak. When the quality of education is impeccable but yet isnt available to everyone even after promising free education almost 5 years ago.

What’s more maddening is a country which is soo fertile and capable of producing more than just 2 cash crops and enough food crops for export, isnt doing that. Large tracts of ariable land is available to only the elite a small fraction of the population who only put up fences and don’t plant or use the land for any societal benefits. The same group is also allowed to import cheap consumables(which rake them millions in profits) which lower the prices of the ones grown by farmers in the country, and the profits for farmers are minimal barely sustainable making farmers abandon their practices and opt for other ways of making income.

 Stop promising road networks, electricity connection and laptops when the kids in the rural parts of the country could benefit from better education, food security, internal security and healthcare, but how will they do this if we don’t pay doctors and threaten them by offering expatriates jobs.

P.C: Standard media
Majority of people are voting for leaders we don’t deserve not on merit but how many cars does he drive or how big is his house or how many bespoke suits does he own. Really???? We have people like Boniface Mwangi who if not for his popularity that he gained from defending and fighting for whats right for the country by being vocal to a point he cries on national television for this country, for OUR country we would not have considered him as a viable candidate for starehe MP because of his opponents  who drive flashy cars, put on chains or is it because they don’t openly ask for campaign funds, yet their source of wealth is questionable. I wonder why he is still campaigning and why some people still need to be convinced he is worth being more than just a member of parliament, is it because people are selling their votes for a mere ksh 100 at the expense of their future and their children’s future? That people like Boniface have to campaign, when his actions have spoken louder than any amount of money.

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When will we stop being flattered by irrelevance and flamboyance. You live in a country where the roads are beautiful, access to electricity is at 60% supposedly, tablets and laptops are being issued to class ones yet the unemployment levels are staggering, theirs poor healthcare, food insecurity, corruption is being practised openly and small time thieves are being jailed while the ones involved in billion shilling dealings are occupying public offices and the ones heading the electoral body are siding with one political party hoping they’ll retain that seat. We have ass-kissing grown ups acting like puppets and mindless zombies, where is the lie? 

A country whose ‘development‘ is almost always gauged by beautifully taken pictures of the roads built and SGR( a very supportive infrastructure btw, can’t complain). Every time you hear or see about development in the newspaper or on T.V pictures like this come up. Sindio?😂

Are we really going to gauge the development of our country on beautiful pictures. The human development index is a measure of development in countries which focuses on key dimensions such as:

  1. Life expectancy and infant mortality rate.
  2. Education.
  3. Proximity to basic human amenities(water , food and healthcare).

So everytime a new project is brought up ask yourself how relevant is it to our countries development and how will it achieve it and are there other more effective yet affordable measures we can take instead. 

I haven’t blamed the government nor have I blamed any political leader because honestly, the problems the country is facing all originate from us . We as citizens have the power to decide and I would urge everyone to read the other aspirants manifestos and watch their interviews, their promises aren’t over exergarated because they live among the people not in fortresses guarded from disease, poverty and yourself until the next time they need you. They see the important things like healthcare, education, agriculture, peace and the country’s potential and only through this will we achieve much more than we can imagine but we need a catalyst, the right people in power to effect change.

‘The opinions expressed here are only mine and nobody is obligated to take them to heart, but this is what I believe in and it has not been influenced by anyone.”-geofrey ruto



John drops us at the bar, before he quickly rushes to drive off in a huff. It’s barely 7, 6:58 to be exact on a Friday and luckily it falls at the end of the month, the little money left up from last month can be blown on cheap liquor and an uber for the chips funga(one night stand). This day couldn’t get any better. “Why the hell is this guy always in a hurry to go home” Wesley demands, “Maybe his wife serves him better pussy” , Ben the smart mouth utters, we all burst out laughing  masking Wesleys obviously lame comeback. The clouds are dark and they hung low, so we get in before it starts raining.

Picture Credits: daily mail

At half past seven, he opens the door and a heavy stench of alcohol hits him, followed by the sight of empty beer bottles lying on the floor, an empty pizza box and afew dirty dishes he had left in the morning are still on the table. A nice aroma fills the room and John is immediately terrified and imagines the worst, he was to cook tonight like all nights. He closes the door behind him and drops his leather briefcase on the ground.

He slowly walks into the kitchen, wishing to find nobody there, but deep down he knows this is just wishful thinking. Just as he thought, his wife Bella, 3 months pregnant and showing, is in her night gown, her short afro unkempt and her white sleeping gown stained with soup. She turns and smiles at him, welcoming him home, her bright brown eyes stare at his horrified face.

John’s mouth hangs low and feels dry. His eyes are wide open, terrified is an understatement, his hands are shaking and his legs can no longer support him, he leans on the wall and slides down to the floor. ” Am sorry, I really am”, he’s able to get words out after an intense moment of silence, he continues, “The boys insisted I drop them off at the Bar downtown”. “So you have new friends” , she responds, as her hand tightly grips the wooden spoon.

John is quiet. Her face turns blank, even without the smile she looks beautiful with her soft facial features, high cheek bones, full lips, small nose and big brown eyes.

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She walks towards him with the serving spoon in hand dripping with beef stew, staining the white tiled floor, her curvaceous body still visible under her gown which isn’t entirely opaque. She kneels right next to him, “Its all right, you were just a couple of minutes late”, she says as she raises his head with her index and middle finger and kisses him on the forehead. She stands holding his hand prompting him to stand too and leads him to the kitchen table. Maybe tonight won’t be like other nights, he tells himself as he removes his striped coat,loosens his tie and unbuttons his blue shirt. He looks at his beautiful wife as she cooks. Her derrière looking firm and yet soft to the touch still detailed under her sleeping gown forming folds at the top.


” So where’s the check?” , her beautiful soft voice interrupts him. He reaches into his pants, he can’t find it, checks his shirts pocket but still can’t find it.

He rembers putting it in his office desk, he must have forgotten it there. Fear starts taking over again, his heart pacing. He always gives her his monthly salary to budget for his pocket money and fuel aside and not to forget her alchohol. She’s in a good mood today, relax, just explain it to her, maybe she’ll understand, thoughts of reassurance and consolation fill his mind, he’s able to relax himself and clears his throat before talking, “I guess I forgot it at the office, I’ll bring it tommorow” , his words escape his mouth in a low shrill voice almost sounding like a scared girl.

She stops stirring the stew and turns, her mouth twisted and pulled to one side of her face as she raises her left eyebrow higher than the other. Almost immediately that she throws a glass bowl at him than the thunder rumbles and it begins to rain, he ducks, but he is immediately hit with the wooden serving spoon on his head. The impact is so strong it ends up breaking the spoon and swabs soup from the spoon onto his head . John falls down with a heavy thud on the tiled floor he hits his elbow on the table. Curled up covering his face with his hands, his 6’2 frame makes him look like a big baby, he is helpless.

Bella gets on top of him, turns him over and lands a punch on his left eye. “I hope that doesn’t leave a mark”, she mutters. She grabs the porcelain mug on the table and swats it on his knees with it. She doesn’t want visible marks on obvious places, only in discreet places just like the marks she left on his groin lastweek. She’s smart.

The sharp pain is excruciating, but he doesn’t want to shout, not because his neighbours will hear him crying for help and end up damaging his ego, no because he remembers what happened the last time he did and the time before that. So he just groans trying not to let tears flow out or she’ll mock him and accuse him of being a little girl.

She starts punching him on his chest and biting his fingers as hard as she can every time he tries to push her away. His also careful not to hurt the love of his life or their baby. She then grabs his head and starts knocking him on the cold tiles. He starts feeling weak and light headed, his knee is still throbbing with pain, theirs a stinging pain in his chest, he tries to push her but he can’t raise his hands, everything starts getting blurry, his eyes close. Blood flows from the back of his head.

For a while Bella is scared. Is he dead?, the thought crosses her mind. She checks for his pulse, he is alive . She breaths a sigh of relief. Without wasting time, she strips his shirt off and turns his body around, she takes a knife and slits him six times on his back not too deep to cause serve blood loss but deep enough to serve as a ‘lesson’ for the next 1 week.

She puts it back on the kitchen top and leaves for the bedroom leaving him on the floor. He’ll be alright, she thinks and knows it. She’s halfway across the kitchen when she turns and heads for the cooker and turns it off, “Hahaha“, she quietly laughs, she finds it funny she almost forgot to turn it off, mixes the stew with the rice she had cooked earlier and pours it in the bin. She’s not hungry and (she had drunk 3 bottles of beer and ate the left over pizza in the fridge) John is passed out. But he’ll be ‘fine’ tommorow just like the days before today.


This post is not to soft-pedal domestic violence among women but to create an equal discussion about domestic violence among men. 

YOU’RE ‘9od’

If you had me speak of religion, Christianity to be specific, you would confuse me for an aethist. We’ll am just agnostic, confused maybe, some would call me a sceptic. I don’t identify myself with any specific religion and I try to distance myself with Christianity as much as possible, it probably hosts the most hypocritical and most morally corrupt individuals in our society.
I call it a mask of wrong doing (Christianity)

Quoting Plato “He was a wise man who invented God”.

So before colonisation of African countries our ancestors worshipped God by facing the mountains, the sun or praying under trees, everyone knows this. Europeans came took over and assimilated Africans by teaching them their ways, their language and eventually their idea of a man in the sky who knows everything, who is omnipotent and is everywhere. They made worshiping under trees or facing mountains look primitive. They planted an idea and erased a culture.

  • So do we worship God because we were colonized or is it because he exists?Are we the ones who create idols and gods according to our beliefs and what we want others to believe? 
  • How many people have been born Christians but aren’t really Christians in their actions?

Am not saying I don’t believe in the existence of a superhuman being by the name God, I admit I don’t know if he does exist and that’s where faith comes in, believe me I wouldn’t want to burn in hell for eternity because of blasphemy. All am saying is we defended labels given to us without questioning their validity, wars have been fought to defend this labels. Humans have shed red blood, not white or blue because of their different beliefs. It only goes to show we think religion is bigger than us(humans), would a God who created you and me want you to kill me because I am ignorant in your faith? I was born a Christian and that’s why I go to church, I have muslim friends who went to Madrasa because they were born of Muslim parents. 

I believe that youre your own ‘god’ you don’t have to associate with any specific religion. I also dont want to believe that if someone lived as a saint, lived their lives to their full potential and did right by others but dint have a religion they associated themselves with that they would burn in hell and not go to paradise or heaven.

So churches are turning over billions of shillings in offering and tithes yearly in Kenya. A third world country, where pastors preach hopes of a better tommorow and a wealthy future if only you give to the church with an open heart (translating to empty your wallets). Sermons like this are very popular that God’s blessings will follow if you give generously. Religion is a home of the masses its associated with the poor, the hopeless and with the dying, basically the desperate.

More churches are coming up than orphanages, schools for the less fortunate, charity organizations and ideas to help the less privileged. 

Matthew 18:20-25New International Version (NIV)

20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

So a church is a group of believers not a fancy building where sermons are held every sunday, money being raised as offerings is being used to expand buildings in the name of churches, pastors are driving lavish cars and living lives of opulence. A life of luxury isn’t a sin. But the money could be used to take care of opharns, build schools, get children off the streets, educate children from the same, cushion some people from poverty, invest in ideas of the youth to better the community, the list is endless. Because the church is in the people and the more lives you touch the more people believe in your idea of a God and in Christianity, the more people want to associate with your religion and its beliefs. That’s how you grow a church, by growing people’s faith. People like me who doubt your motives and others who probably have suffered so much that they doubt the existence of a God, because where is he then? By helping this people you reassure them and you give them hope the gospel won’t be what you’ll be reading from the Bible after you’ve fed them, clothed them and provided them with shelter, it will be those actions, that will be the truth, the light and gospel to them. That’s how you build a CHURCH loyal to one God.

Spreading the gospel according to the holy book is spreading love, by touching people’s lives they speak about it and don’t forget, and that’s how you spread the word and build a CHURCH thats what a church is. Pastors and religious leaders should realise they should act as servants, its not easy and its not for everyone. As I type this I have come to understand that its about service to humanity.

HOW ARE YOU ‘god’¿¿¿¿

  •  You can live a righteous life without having to subscribe to a religion.
  • You can create your own idea of a religion and create your own values. That’s why we have ‘Christians’ stealing and lying because they are labelled as Christians but they aren’t Christians in value, if they really believed they are Christians and in its beliefs they wouldn’t be doing any of that. So they are living a different religion that isn’t Christianity.
  • You have the choice of FREEWILL thats the embodiment of freedom, its the ability for humans to be aware of the impact their decisons can have. The fact that you can make decisions for yourself means you can change the way you live your life everyday, that you can change labels and you can be a student today and a teacher tommorow. You can decide whether to live or not to right now. You can decide to eat or not.You can decide how you live your life and nobody can stop you.Thats powerful.
  • You can create an idea and have other people believe in it, have followers/disciples. You might be suprised how many people you share the same opinions and ideas with.

I believe we shouldn’t live upto labels we haven’t earned, especially the ones society gives us. Just because youre smart doesnt mean you are a doctor, just because youre born of Muslim parents doesnt mean you cant convert to Christianity because you believe in their beliefs and what it stands for or vice versa.

People don’t realise they are living different religions that they have made up with their own values. Because if you lie, steal, drink, if youre immoral you can’t say you’re a Christian thats something different all together, that’s a different religion thats your own religion. So why don’t we choose the best values and choices and live our lives in the best ways we can.

”This is my simple Religion. Their is no need for Temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple. The philosophy is kindness.” -Dalai Lama


This is my second blog post and it will be very blunt and straight to the point. The heading says it all and if you’re reading this and you’re above 25 years you’re probably too late. Our generation of young minds and pseudo-intellectuals with exposure to all kinds of information unlike the older wiser generations before us, but with the least knowledge of personal finance and the ‘how to make money’ kind of mentality. Everyone knows how to show up for a party, how to get into her panties by taking her on date after date, every girl knows the latest fashion trend and the best kind of expensive make up, but nobody really knows how to acquire currency.

Spend, spend, spend is all everyone knows. Making money for guys below 25 seems like a huge deal, because most people are relying on their parents or whoever. Nobody finds that embarrassing nowadays, someone wouldn’t be caught dead working at a fast food or as an uber driver. 1st world countries encourage teenagers and younger adults to find jobs or work at home, get chores done and get paid allowances. This encourages innovation (since anyone would want to get the chores done as soon as possible by doing it the easiest way they can) and builds an almost perfect generation who go after what they want and are not afraid to work for it. The U.S. education system is more mediocre compared to the rest of the world, but they still produce more billionaires, they are better at innovating, they come up with better ideas for everything and all this isn’t learnt in school, most of this requires creative thinking and much more than just books but countries like Kenya and other countries lagging behind in development don’t encourage talent or creative thinking but worship education and traditional courses(engineering, medicine e.t.c) but that’s a post for another day.

My point here is that you’re living in a country where your creativity isn’t required nor is your amazing talent, you’re required to go to school and get a job, OK pause, think about it, what are you currently pursuing, is it a course grooming you to create employment or are you another potential employee that the system is about to spill out there with no real world experience, you’re just a few years from getting employed that’s if you will be considering Kenyan unemployment rate has hit an all time high of 39%, highest in the region, lol am laughing and crying at the same time. Am not against education but lack of education on real life experiences and making money is what am against.

Recently I had 5 investors putting money in a long-term project I am working on and they receive returns on their investment 3 times a month. One of the investors is a white collar worker in his late 20s, he was sceptical and we had to draft a contract before we could work on it, its funny how someone who isn’t sure if he’ll have his job tomorrow or not is afraid of loosing money, anyway one month down the line this guy is wishing he knew more about the Forex market, shares, bonds and believing in himself by going through with the plans he had in mind 3 years ago.

Most boys are taking girls out with money borrowed from their parents without shame, i cant find myself doing that, that’s because I have a well functioning brain that belongs to a young adult who is able, if that triggered you and think otherwise well its fine we all have our opinions. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel am sure you can spot a viable business that’s not doing well and put your all into it. Most people are afraid of risking their money and forget that its their time that’s more precious. Instead of clubbing why don’t you build one, instead of rapping to your friends and yourself, sell your talent to people ready to appreciate your art, if you’re an artist sell your paintings and art work and don’t settle for anything less.

I had a realisation that if you did what you did best and worked smart and hard enough you could turn it into a profitable business. We have age mates around the world who are making crazy money while most of us arent because we are too embarrassed to try and fail since we care about what others think. If everyone isn’t trying because they care that only means two things :

  1. We are too dumb to come up with ways to do so.
  2. We are already failing by not trying.

Get thinking of ways you can make money even if its charging your parents to drive them or wash their cars. The whole idea is to be smart with money, understanding its value and learning how to make it serve you. Learning that every single shilling you have is worth as an asset than saving it isn’t something most people are familiar with. Read books( 4 hour work week, Richest man in Babylon, Think and grow rich) they will give you a head-start and a different perspective of how money works.

am not a professional on this matter but seeing people going broke and spending more than they are making for show isn’t amusing i’ll share the little that I know and hope it helps someone cheers -geofrey ruto



Walk aware, wow what a name trust me I took a lot of time working on this, NOT. Anyway I took approximately 10 minutes max to create this blog and the name, well it took me less than a minute since WordPress suggested it, talk about technology advancement.1460563163198When this title came up as one of the suggested names I dint think twice about using it for my blog and the reason I find it so intriguing is because most people walk around unconscious of whats happening around them in different aspects of  their current Lives and many people are guilty for this. I believe we should always know whats happening in local & International politics, sports, Tech and everything their is to know, get familiar!!!!

You’re probably wondering what this blog is going to be about, well I have opinions on everything from business to technology, innovation, education, religion, society and so on and so forth  most of which are very controversial and might get tongues wagging, lots of whispers and feelings hurt (: . I have always wanted to share this with anyone willing to listen maybe to spark a debate or conversation if they agree with me. Not many people especially young guys are into those kind of topics i’ll be discussing although they affect their livelihoods either directly or indirectly. If you’re thinking maybe because its boring, well then you’re wrong, give me time to prove you wrong.

I hope the posts i’ll be putting up will inspire, stir up debate, make you aware, will act as a thought catalyst to challenge your way of thinking creating engagement -geofrey ruto